Film & TV


April 08, 2013

Yarnangu Detective is not just a TV Show. It is a way of linking NG Media to every community, and linking communities to one another. There is no community on our lands too far to visit, and we have begun filming in the remotest communities to begin with because they are the ones visited irregularly, or if ever at all in the past. When we go to these communities, we are not just making an episode of our TV show. We are holding film and radio workshops, we are helping produce local documentaries, we are employing 5-10 people in each community on our productions, we are providing technical and broadcast support, IT and internet support, and holding concerts where local musicians can perform. Yarnangu Detective is important because it is the catalyst for all these fantastic things.

Undoubtedly, it is a new way of creating and producing content in remote Indigenous media organisations. We are trying to break new ground. At our loftiest aims, these episodes will excite younger generations of Yarnangu and get them attracted to the possibilities of what they can create as Film and TV workers. It is a way of bringing them into the fold. And what Yarnangu Detective has already done is find a captive audience, excited to see more-but also excited to produce more. Our lead actor Matthew Lewis posted on Facebook how pumped he was about filming the next episode, and people responded in kind.

In literal terms, we have employed 16 Yarnangu persons for work on Yarnangu Detective, and that’s after just two episodes. We have distributed it to major television networks, and it has been broadcast nationally. This an incredible achievement for all our Yarnangu workers, and all of us can’t wait for more!