Film & TV


April 08, 2013

Kiwirkurra, not only one of the most distant communities serviced by NG Media but also one of the remotest places in Australia, was chosen as the location for what would become our first official Yarnangu Detective episode. But before we could travel, we needed a new detective to replace Gibson Swayne, and Matthew Lewis from Irrunytju stepped up. At just 17 years of age, Matthew was already an accomplished radio presenter for RadioNGM, a member of the Irrunytju Band, and a camera man. He was about to add actor to that list.

We shot over some beautiful mountains and sweeping desert plains during the long but beautiful drive to Kiwrikurra, and when we arrived we met Simon Butler and Brian Gordon, two stalwarts of Ngaanyatjarra Media. We connected with the community, and found a number of young men excited to act and record video and sound, and the shoot, which culminated with a showdown in the local store, was a success.