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April 08, 2013

The Desert Kitchen team once again hit the road, heading north-west to Warakurna for Episode 2. Working at the local Women’s Centre, Nara was joined by HACC worker Kim and Warakurna locals Lisa Nelson and Daisy Ward, with Cynthia Burke taking over camera duties. It was a great episode to work on, as the initially shy Lisa gradually came out of her shell and had everyone in stitches with her sharp humour.

The cooking itself was extremely straightforward, with host Nara Wilson settling into her role and Daisy Ward offering up her cooking ideas to the group. Daisy also proved to be a great interview subject, and one evening we made the arduous 4wd trek up to the ranges that overlook picturesque Warakurna. When we were at the top we sat down and chatted with Daisy about Warakurna, healthy eating ideas and how people can go about living healthy lifestyles in the communities.